Where Do I Begin?

Your b'nei mitzvah tutor will contact you and your family 6-12 months prior to your b'nei mitzvah ceremony to set up your tutoring schedule. You'll meet regularly with your tutor to rehearse the Hebrew prayers and learn your Torah portion and Haftarah portion. You'll receive a folder of information and practice materials at your first meeting—keep it in a safe place, and bring that folder with you to each appointment!

We'll also be in touch 4-5 months prior to your b'nei mitzvah ceremony to invite you and your family to participate in the B'nei Mitzvah Family Workshop. Together with one of NSCI's rabbis or Cantor Goldstein, you and your parents will meet a total of 3 times in a small group setting with other b’nei mitzvah families to learn Torah and begin working on a speech that you'll deliver at your b'nei mitzvah ceremony. You'll meet a few times after the final session to continue working with one of the rabbis.