We are NSCI

We believe in the transformative power of Jewish Living.
We recognize the Divine spark in every person.
We affirm that everyone is a stakeholder and community matters.
We understand that Judaism has something to offer everyone.
We value diversity.
We are young and young at heart.
We are seekers and cynics and everyone in between.
We are born Jews and choosing Jews. We are interfaith. We are LGBTQ.
We are Am Yisrael. We are our brothers’ keepers.
We believe Jewish living calls us to do nothing less than repair our world.
We experience Judaism as a lived practice.
We travel. We eat. We celebrate. We mourn. We pray. We learn. We give.
We ask big questions and explore big ideas.
We yearn. We hope. We invite. We inspire.
We foster understanding. We change lives. We make a difference.
We nourish our deep roots. We grow. We believe in the possible.
We are NSCI.

Contact Us

Jennifer McKeag, Youth and Family Community Administrator

(847) 835-7258 x613

  • B'nei mitzvah tutoring
  • B'nei Mitzvah Family Workshop

Jacki Sundheim, Special Events Coordinator

(847) 835-0724 x624

  • B'nei mitzvah dates
  • B'nei mitzvah photo sessions
  • Facility rental questions