NSCI B’nei Mitzvah Tutoring FAQ’s

We want to provide answers to some frequently asked questions related to b’nei mitzvah tutoring. Please contact us if there are any other questions we can answer, items we can clarify, or if we can assist you in any way. We are here to help you!

Who will be my child’s tutor?
In order to maintain a high level of quality and consistency, the congregation has 5 tutors: Cantor David Goldstein, Lynn Friend, Greta Rothschild, Renee Stern and Judy Weiss. The tutor will be assigned based on the child’s interests, abilities and needs. Parent input is welcome.

When does my child begin tutoring?
The tutor will contact you to schedule your first appointment. Tutoring begins approximately 6-12 months prior to the b’nei mitzvah service — earlier when vacation, camp or students’ educational needs are a factor. Please help us craft a schedule that sets up your child for success.

What if my child cannot make a session with their tutor?
Staying in touch with your child’s tutor is important. Sessions are set up directly between parents and tutors. We ask that if you cannot make a session, you contact the tutor as much in advance as possible.

What if my child is celebrating becoming b’nei mitzvah in Israel or elsewhere?
You and your child should still participate in all aspects of the b’nei mitzvah program here at NSCI. Tutoring will be structured to meet the needs of your child’s Israel celebration.

Is tutoring included in the b’nei mitzvah fee?
Yes, tutoring is included in the b’nei mitzvah fee.

What if I have other questions about tutoring?
Please contact Jennifer McKeag with any other tutoring questions. Jennifer can be reached at jenniferm@nsci.org or (847) 835-7258 x613.