What's a D'var Torah?

We strongly believe that each b'nei mitzvah ceremony should be revelatory of each student’s talents and skills. In other words, each b'nei mitzvah is unique because of YOU! One of the many ways to make your ceremony your own is to offer a D’var Torah (literally “A word about Torah,” but more broadly a time for you to share a teaching from your Torah portion).

Although it is the most common format, your D’var Torah does not have to be in the form of a short speech! Rather, if you’re an artist, then let’s plan an art exhibit inspired by themes from your Torah portion, or if you like to dance, then we want to encourage you to choreograph a dance composition inspired by your understanding of the Torah portion. Compose a song; write a short dramatic monologue or more complex scene. The purpose of a D’var Torah is to teach an important lesson rooted in Torah as you understand it, but the format is up to you. Your rabbis and cantor would love to speak more with you about your creative ideas!