Date Selection


How are dates assigned?

We have a computer program that assigns the b'nei mitzvah dates. The assignments are based on your child’s birthdate within a range of 3 months before to 3 months after their 13th birthday. The program takes into account your child’s birthdate, middle school and your plans for hosting a Kiddush or celebration at the synagogue. 

What if other families requested the same dates that I did?

When several families request the same date and time, the proximity of the child’s birthdate to the requested date is the main criterion we use to assign the date.

What if I’m not sure if I want to host a Kiddush or party at the synagogue?

It is best to reserve the space during the assignment process; you can release the space if your plans change in the future up to 6 months before your planned usage. 

Why do you need to know what school my child attends now?

We try not to schedule children from the same elementary school as partners in the same service unless they request it. We may schedule children from the same school for different services on the same day when we have a 4:30 pm Shabbat afternoon service. 

Do I have to pick 4 dates?

Yes, the computer program works best with 4 dates. It doesn’t matter what order you write them in, as all of the dates are put into the computer program. Please consider all 4 dates equally.

What if my child has special needs?

Please list any needs that your child has or any special family circumstances. The more information you provide regarding issues that your child or family has the better we can determine your needs and ensure that the date you are assigned will be appropriate for your child and for our congregation.

I like the small sanctuary. How can I have my child’s service in there?

Perlman Sanctuary is available for the 4:30 pm Shabbat afternoon service. Another way to have your child called to the Torah in Perlman Sanctuary is to have your family join our Minyan community. These services take place every Shabbat morning in Perlman Sanctuary at 9:15 am.